Bluebell Coppice Charcoal
A Truly Sustainable Source
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Artisan Charcoal from Somerset

Bluebell Coppice Charcoal is graded by hand to ensure that only the best lumpwood charcoal gets into your bag. It is made from native British hardwoods you will still be able to see the shape of the logs and sometimes even the texture of the bark.

Because bluebell coppice charcoal is thoroughly carbonised it is very easy to light, usually a piece of screwed up dry paper is all that is needed.

Our charcoal produces very little smoke during lighting because it is so pure (unlike some imported charcoal!). So no worries about smoking out your neighbours.

Bluebell coppice charcoal gets up to cooking temperature very quickly so you can be cooking within 15 minutes or so. Once up to temperature you will find it lasts a long time as well.

As we have already said  our charcoal is very pure with nothing added. Its lightness is actually a sign of quality

No nasty chemicals (read the ingredients on a pack of 'charcoal' briquettes if you want a shock!)

Restoration of neglected woodland using ancient coppice techniques is central to our activities. We also replant with native broadleaf trees where appropriate to increase the species diversity.  This is particularly important where Ash is the predominant species and under threat from Ash dieback disease. One of the by product of charcoal making is Biochar which is the fine particles left over after grading this can be added to soils and sequester carbon as it does not rot so we are doing a little bit toward climate change as well. 

All the timber for our charcoal comes from our own and other local woodlands, by doing this we enhance the commercial value of the woodland and this provides the funds to manage them properly to preserve and enhance their beauty and wildlife for future generations to enjoy.

In Short

  • High Quality
  • Lights Easily
  • Heats Quickly
  • Contains No Additives 
  • No Accelerants 
  • No Added Water
  • A Truly Sustainable Source
  • Promotes Woodland Management